Watusi Hunting in Texas

Ankole-Watusi cattle are impressive members of the bovine family. Hunters worldwide prize their massive, distinctive horns. An Ankole-Watusi bull can weigh up to 1,600 pounds, and their horns can measure up to eight feet from tip to tip. Ankole-Watusi cows and bulls are native to Africa, where their large horns came in handy, cooling their huge bodies down in the African heat. But put that passport away. With Lonestar Premier Outdoors, you can hunt wild Ankole-Watusi all across the Lone Star State.

Ankole-Watusi were important pieces in many African tribes like the Ankole and the Tutsi, where their name is derived from. Today, subsistence farmers often opt for other breeds than the Ankole-Watusi. Their cows produce very little milk compared to domestic breeds like the Holstein. They will, however, produce hundreds of pounds of very lean meat, which is generally made into hamburger meat but can be prepared in many delicious ways.

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    Trip Logistics – Texas Watusi Hunting

    Whether it’s a solo escape, business outing or family hunt, Lonestar Premier Outdoors offers an Ankole-Watusi hunting experience for everyone regardless of age or experience level.

    Our services include:

    • Fully-guided, instructional Ankole-Watusi hunts
    • Year-round weekday and weekend Ankole-Watusi hunts
    • Premier lodging and catering
    • Optional beverage services
    • Your style of hunt (Archery, rifle, black powder, etc.)

    Lodging and Dining – Watusi Hunting

    For over night trips and multiple-day hunts, Premier Outdoors organizes comfortable accommodations. We provide delicious meals and can accommodate everyone from small families to large corporate groups.

    Watusi Hunting Season

    There are no seasonal restrictions for hunting Watusi in Texas, so contact us at Lonestar Premier Outdoors to schedule a hunt today!