Redfish Fishing in Texas

Redfish, also known as red drums and channel bass, are found all over the Gulf of Mexico, which makes them one of the best game fishes for fishing. Redfish meat isn’t as oily as a lot of other fish, and the bigger ones can even have the consistency of chicken, making it a good introductory fish for people who don’t like seafood.

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    About Redfish Fishing in Texas

    Redfish can be found in salt and freshwater, and they love the bays along the Texas coast. At Lonestar Premier Outdoors, we offer a variety of guided bay fishing packages. The bays are usually protected from high winds, so not only will you be avoiding choppy waters, you’ll have access to one of the best habitats for redfish.

    Redfish Fishing Logistics

    Whether you want to escape it all on a solo fishing adventure or you want to have a great fishing trip with your children, our Texas redfish tours are open to everyone, regardless of age or experience. We’ll bring along all the proper fishing gear or you can bring your own.

     We’re serious about following Texas’s hunting and fishing regulations. When you reserve a fishing package with Lonestar Premier Outdoors, we’ll help you get your fishing license through Texas Parks and Wildlife so you can start fishing for all the redfish you desire.

    Lodging and Dining

    We know more than anyone just how exciting fishing for redfish can be, so we offer overnight and multi-day fishing trips. These packages include a stay in one of our pleasant lodging accommodations, delicious catered meals and an optional beverage service.

    Reserve Your Redfish Fishing Tour

    Unlike deer or dove, redfish aren’t restricted to a hunting season. We can take you out on fishing expeditions year-round. Our expert guides will make sure you have a fun and safe time on your fishing tour. We’ll even help you clean and package your catches! If you’re ready to get out and fish, reserve a tour with Lonestar Premier Outdoors!