About Trout Fishing in Texas

Trout can be found around estuaries and bay areas, so they love the Texas coast. Trout tend to put up a little more of a fight when they’re caught, so they’re very fun to fish and even more rewarding to catch.

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    Trout Fishing in Texas

    There are lots of different species of trout swimming around in the Gulf of Mexico, and they are considered one of the best game fishes out there. Trout are similar to salmon and, like salmon, are considered an oily fish – meaning they’re both delicious and good for the heart.

    Trout Fishing Logistics

    Whether you want to go on a solo fishing getaway or make new memories with your family, our Texas trout fishing tours are open to fishermen and fisherwomen of all ages and experiences. We’ll even bring along all the proper fishing gear – or you can bring your own. When you catch a fish, our skilled guides can even help you clean and package it so you can take it home for your next fish fry.

    We’re serious about following Texas’s hunting and fishing regulations. When you reserve a fishing package, we’ll help you get your fishing license through Texas Parks and Wildlife so you can get started fishing for all the trout you could possibly eat.

    Lodging and Dining

    It’s great to spend the day out on the water fishing for trout, but it’s always good to have a warm, dry place to stay after a long day of fishing. For our overnight and multi-day packages, we will arrange comfortable lodging where you can take a hot shower, kick your feet up and relax. During the day, we have delicious catered meals everyone will enjoy and an optional beverage service.

    Reserve Your Trout Fishing Tour

    Trout aren’t restricted to a hunting season and can be fished all year round, meaning you can reserve a fishing tour right now. Our expert guides will make sure you have a fun and safe time on your fishing tour. If you’re ready to get out and fish, reserve a tour with Lonestar Premier Outdoors!