Texas Wild Hog Hunting

Wild hogs are tough hunts. A wild boar will have a compact body, a large head and sharp tusks that can measure more than 3 inches long. If frightened, cornered or surprised, wild boar will aggressively defend themselves. The males will charge, slashing with their sharpened tusks, and the females with bite with their large teeth.

With Premier Outdoors, you can safely and successfully hunt wild boar right here in Texas. Outside of the breeding season, you can find adult male wild boar on their own, while the females and young boars group together in a sounder. They are most active in the early morning and late afternoon and will inhabit areas with dense brush near a stream or other water source.

Wild boar meat is incredibly delicious. Though leaner than that of the domestic pig, wild boar meat can be prepared in any number of ways and has been said to produce the tastiest bacon available.

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    Looking for Javelina? Javelina are members of the peccary family, and they are found in the semi-arid parts of the state and the brush country. Javelina can be dangerous, especially when they are fed. Never feed a Javelina! Instead, hunt them with Lonestar Premier Outdoors.

    Trip Logistics – Wild Hog Hunts

    Whether it’s a solo escape, business outing or family hunt, Premier Outdoors offers a Whitetail hunting experience for everyone regardless of age or experience level. Our services include:

    • Fully-guided, instructional Whitetail hunts
    • Year-round weekday and weekend Whitetail hunts
    • Premier lodging and catering
    • Optional beverage services
    • Your style of hunt (Archery, rifle, black powder, etc.)

    Lodging and Dining – Wild Hog Hunting

    For over night trips and multiple-day hunts, Lone Star Premier Outdoors organizes comfortable accommodations. We provide delicious meals and can accommodate everyone from small families to large corporate groups.

    Wild Boar Hunting Season

    There are no seasonal restrictions for hunting wild boar in Texas, so contact us at Premier Outdoors to schedule a hunt today!