Texas Whitetail Hunts With The Experts

Texas whitetail hunts are in high demand, and this species is the most widely distributed and hunted in North and South America. Known for the fluffy, white underside of their tails, whitetail deer can weigh up to 300 pounds and stand nearly 4 feet tall. They are prized for producing consistently quality meat and their multi-tined antlers. Whitetail deer antlers are scored for a number of measurements, including length, spread, size, and number of points.

Whitetail Deer Hunting in Texas

Deer are extremely adaptable. They live in a wide range of habitats and can be found, from a northern temperate to subtropical and semi-arid environments. Whitetail deer hunts in Texas are perfect for first hunts. No matter the measurements, your first kill will always be a trophy with our hunting guides.

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    Whitetails are the main source of venison in the United States, and it’s rare to find a whitetail with too tough or gamey meat. When you harvest a whitetail deer with Lonestar Premier Outdoors, you can fill your freezer with hundreds of pounds of high-quality meat to last you the season.

    Trip Logistics – Texas Whitetail Hunting

    Whether it’s a solo escape, a business outing or a family hunt, Lonestar Premier Outdoors offers a whitetail deer hunting experience for everyone regardless of age or experience level.

    Our services include:

    • Fully-guided, instructional hunting
    • Year-round weekday and weekend hunts
    • Premier lodging and catering
    • Optional beverage services
    • Your style of hunt (Archery, rifle, black powder, etc.)

    Lodging and Dining – Whitetail Hunts in Texas

    For overnight trips and multiple-day hunting, Premier Outdoors organizes comfortable lodging. We provide delicious meals and can accommodate everyone from small families to large corporate groups.

    Texas Whitetail Hunting Season

    Whitetail deer hunting season is from November to January for general whitetail deer hunts in Texas. Contact us at Lonestar Premier Outdoors today to secure your spot!