Exotic and Native Trap and Transport Service

Is your ranch in need of new or additional game? At Lonestar Premier Outdoors, we offer professional and affordable trap and transport services for game management and wildlife relocation. Whether you are selling or want to purchase exotic animals in Texas, you can trust Lonestar Premier Outdoors for the safe, fast and professional acquisition and delivery of your game. We have experience in safely capturing native and exotic game via tranquilizers, drop nets and helicopters.

We work with ranch owners and Texas Park and Wildlife to obtain the proper permits for your animal management. Some of these permits include:

  • Trap, Transport, Transplant (TTT) – This permit allows a ranch owner to obtain deer from a ranch that has too many deer.
  • Trap, Transport, Process (TTP) – This permit allows you to process many deer and donate the dear meat to individuals or organizations.
  • Deer Management Permit (DMP) – If you want to improve the number of deer on your ranch, this permit allows the ranch owner to breed wild deer in multiple pens to increase the heard size.
  • To view all the permits offered by Texas Park and Wildlife regarding native and exotic trap and transport services, please view their official website.

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