Père David’s Deer Hunting

Père David’s Deer are known for being a jumble of animals all in one. Their hooves are spread and click like reindeer, their tails are long like donkeys, but their antlers are completely unique. Once native to China and now extinct in the wild, Père David’s Deer feature large, branching antlers with backward-extending tines and vertical main beams. You can take home a trophy Père David’s Deer of your own when you hunt with Premier Outdoors.

We hope you aren’t water-shy! Père David’s Deer are fantastic swimmers and spend a lot of time up to their necks in rivers and lakes. You can find these grazers near water sources, feeding on grass and aquatic plants. Besides their impressive antlers, their meat is very delicious and comparable to that of Red Deer and Elk.

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    Trip Logistics

    Whether it’s a solo escape, business outing or family hunt, Lonestar Premier Outdoors offers a Père David’s Deer hunting experience for everyone regardless of age or experience level.

    Our services include:

    • Fully-guided, instructional Père David’s Deer hunts
    • Year-round daily, weekday and weekend Père David’s Deer hunts (No Seasonal Restrictions)
    • Premier lodging and catering
    • Optional beverage services
    • Your style of hunt (Archery, rifle, black powder, etc.)

    Lodging and Dining

    For over night trips and multiple-day hunts, Lone Star Premier Outdoors organizes comfortable accommodations. We provide delicious meals and can accommodate everyone from small families to large corporate groups.

    Hunting Season

    There are no seasonal restrictions for hunting Père David’s Deer in Texas, so contact us at Premier Outdoors to schedule a hunt today!