Aoudad (Barbary Sheep) Hunting

Aoudad, commonly known as Barbary Sheep, are quite the creature to behold. Featuring large heads, back-curving horns and “chaps” of long hair on their legs and chests, Aoudad sheep hunts can make an impressive trophy. Native to the countries of northern Africa, the Aoudad populate areas of rugged terrain ranging from mountainous areas and deserts to open forests. A male Aoudad’s thick horns can reach lengths greater than 35 inches (28 inches and longer is considered trophy). With Lonestar Premier Outdoors, you can hunt these exotic trophy sheep right here in Texas!

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    Trip Logistics – Texas Aoudad Sheep Hunting

    Whether it’s a solo escape, business outing or family hunt, Lonestar Premier Outdoors offers a Texas Aoudad hunting experience for everyone regardless of age or experience level.

    Our services include:

    • Fully-guided, instructional Aoudad hunts
    • Year-round daily, weekday and weekend Aoudad hunts (No Seasonal Restrictions)
    • Premier lodging and catering
    • Optional beverage services
    • Your style of hunt (Archery, rifle, black powder, etc.)

    Lodging and Dining – Texas Aoudad Hunts

    For over night trips and multiple-day hunts, Premier Outdoors organizes comfortable accommodations. We provide delicious meals and can accommodate everyone from small families to large corporate groups.

    Aoudad Hunting Season

    tions for hunting Aoudad or Barbary Sheep in Texas, but the recommended hunting times range from August to December. Aoudad migrate according to food availability and can survive years without water by eating succulent forbs.